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In architecture, the most potent force lies within the narrative it weaves. This narrative could emanate from the essence of a location, painstakingly etched into the intricacies of a column's capital, or it may echo the age-old craftsmanship, paying homage to the artisans whose hands shaped the very identity of a place. Much like the edifices I create, this website serves as my attempt to craft a tale. A narrative unfolds through a collection of vignettes showcasing my skills and experiences, yet at its core, this is a chronicle of myself.

So, what defines me? Well... I am

I am an Architect

I am a Husband
I am a Son
I am a Brother
I am a Volunteer
I am a Dreamer, a Thinker, a Mover, a Shaker,
my feet are firmly planted on the ground
but my head is often a drift in the clouds.

I am me.

John Byrd,

and I am very excited to meet you.

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